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Mirage Outdoor Pool Table

Outdoor Weatherproof Pool Tables Outdoor Weatherproof Pool Tables.

AZ Patio is proud to offer the AquaPlay X8 outdoor pool table for your patio or pool area. This table features weatherproof materials, coupled with a realistic playing surface. Sun, rain, snow or ice will not effect any part of this revolutionary outdoor table!

The playing surface consists of a 3/4" one-piece slate rock and is covered with a high grade UV-cured waterproof nylon/polyurethane fabric. This makes it highly resistant to weather extremes, tears, fading, mildew and rot, as well as giving it the characteristics of an indoor professional felt table.

Professional pool players utilizing our table reported making the same types of shots, with similar English and ball movement, as made on a professional felt-covered table. The Mirage AquaPlay X8 is in full compliance with the World Billiard Congress of America standards, sized at 4' by 8'.

Included are one set of professional Belgium balls, cue rack, 2 graphite pool cues, and a vinyl table cover.

The playing surface is 4' by 8'. The overall dimensions are 5' by 9', and the Mirage AquaPlay X8 is wheelchair accessible.

An occasional coat of wax on the fiber fascias will enhance the appearance and prolong the luster of your table for many years to come. The playing surface can easily be cleaned using mild soap and water, and for added protection we provide a vinyl cover.

The Mirage AquaPlay X8 is made with a specially designed Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) material injected with a special stabilized UV additive. The table corners are made of stainless steel and die-cast aluminum parts.

Similar to most professional pool tables, the bed is constructed of a 3/" one-piece high-impact, high-density, "slate-rock" which will not warp, buckle, or twist and comes pre-leveled and covered. The chassis, legs and center skirt are constructed of waterproof reinforced fiberglass plastic. This enhances the table's waterproof design, as well as augmenting proper support, stability and uniform strength. It is assembled using stainless-steel bolts and side rail caps and has special waterproof UV drop pockets.

Professional grade K-66 gum-molded rubber cushions are absolutely the most durable and professional pool/billiard rails on the market. The rubber cushions are covered using our waterproof nylon/urethane material. This gives our table its realistic play/rail bounce, without sacrificing its outdoor weatherproofing. Other outdoor pool table makers use standard rubber rails which are not rated for outdoor use or professional play.

The Mirage AquaPlay X8 pool table is warranted to the original purchase consumer for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase.

  • Weights approximately 700 lbs.

  • Easy to set up, between 1 and 2 hours with 2 people

  • Easy to level

  • Withstands temperatures between -35F and +150F

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